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The most extreme that you can hope to procure in the public capital is around 21 lac for every annum. If you are in Mumbai, you will be paid around 7.21 lac for each annum, below the public normal. You need a certain measure of ambition to pursue the continuing education fundamental to a successful career in web development. Ambition keeps you motivated to maintain your competitive edge, mainly when you are ready to move on to the next position. Be available to your team, so that team leaders don’t have to worry about tracking you down to get feedback or set up meetings.

A Senior Back End Developer with years of experience receives an average salary of $8,75,600, compared to a Mid-career Back-end developer with 4-9 years of experience. The typical salary for back end developers with more than 20 years of experience is $13,26,000. The backend developer must possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.

Knowledge of Front-End Technology

A backend developer should be able to control the access, storage, and recovery of the information. That’s why you should mention these skills in your resume to show your competence. No doubt that web development languages are a must for a backend developer. You should know at least one programming language like Ruby, Python, or Java to work in this field. Of course, the more languages you know, the more chances you have to get a job as a backend developer.

Version control systems are also critical whenever multiple users are working on the same project. They keep you from ending up with conflicting versions of the application. While NoSQL databases can be useful and Cyber Security Specialist Job Description and Salary developers often prefer not to use SQL, NoSQL isn’t nearly as popular as SQL. It’s the most commonly used programming language in the StackOverflow poll above, and it’s also the most popular language on GitHub.

How to Improve Backend Developer Skills

This guide is all you need to know to have a clear understanding of the back-end developers’ job scope, required skill sets, and qualifications. By the end of this post, you will learn the ways to find extraordinary back-end developers to help grow your web applications into powerful weapons in this ever-competing world. The versatility of Python contributes to its vast popularity in software development on both ends. Its relatively easy entry learning curve makes it attractive for those who want to start their journey as a front or backend developer. Kotlin is mainly known for being an “Android language” and is vastly used in the frontend.

  • Klara recently graduated from the University of St Andrews in Scotland.
  • Technical knowledge is the first skill a job applicant will look for, but knowing the coding codes does not always mean anything.
  • Ultimately, you should be able to develop and maintain functional and stable web applications to meet our company’s needs.
  • Likewise, New Delhi’s figures also include compensations paid to backend designers in Gurgaon, which is a tech center point on its own.
  • Many development frameworks have been built on Python, including Django, using Flask as the front and back end.

Also, while networking, you will improve not only professional skills but also interpersonal ones. Learning in a group is useful for developing communication skills and the ability to cooperate in a team. List all these skills in your resume to show your expertise in server management. Also, do not forget to mention that you acknowledged such tools as Kubernetes, New Relic, and Docker. The hard skills deserve the most attention, as they are essential for working in this field. Once you’ve defined the problem, the next step is to develop an action plan.

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To acquire the relevant certifications, the back-end developers must go through the training process that hones in on a specific niche. It proves that this developer has spent the required credit hours to learn the skills and languages and is ready to use them in the professional field. And having certifications make a back-end developer more in demand. The back-end development career well suits those with a passion for technology.

backend developer skills

You and your team will need to make the necessary adjustments to deliver the new feature as promised while also protecting ongoing processes. Such flexibility requires creativity and the ability to remain calm under pressure. Mastering this soft skill helps you troubleshoot issues as they arise. Being able to adapt to new situations is a helpful skill for anyone, but it is especially crucial for back-end web developers. For example, on the day it is launched, a new application could tax the system as a whole, causing other parts to run more slowly or stop working altogether.

For Loop in Python with Examples

Back-end developers are one of the most sought-after commodities in the development world. Finding a back-end developer is easy but finding a proficient and skilled back-end developer is difficult. Developing a high-tech back-end project requires back-end developers to communicate effectively with other members.

How do I prepare for backend developer?

  1. Get an education.
  2. Learn at least one back-end programming language.
  3. Learn about hosting.
  4. Learn about frameworks.
  5. Learn about databases.
  6. Acquire additional skills.
  7. Gain experience as a back-end developer.
  8. Build a resume and portfolio.

If you have excellent programming skills and a passion for developing applications or improving existing ones, we would like to meet you. As a Back-end developer, you’ll work closely with our engineers to ensure system consistency and improve user experience. As a Java backend developer, you need to know how to use the source control software called Git. This is because it’s common for companies to use this tool when they develop their applications.

There are several frameworks that the developers can select to create web apps that have high performance and are flexible. As a back end developer, you rely on specific technical skills to perform your job. Naturally then, hiring managers pay a lot of attention to the skills section of your resume.